5 Ideas for Doing Your Acne Scar Treatment the Natural Way

You may eat plenty of natural foods, but have you ever thought about handling your acne scar treatment the natural way? After all, why subject your face to a ton of harsh chemicals or a bunch of expensive doctor’s treatments if all you really need is sitting in your kitchen, right?

acne scar treatmentBut is it really that simple? Can you really come up with an acne scar treatment that is natural AND effective?


Here are five ideas to help you get started:

1. Vinegar

acne scar treatment vinegar

There is no doubt that chemical peels can work like magic on acne scars. But why put your face through all of that turmoil when you have a great all-natural “chemical” sitting in your pantry? Vinegar will do what a chemical peel does – get rid of old skin cells and encourage new ones to grow in their place – only it will do it in a far less harsh way.

And, as an added benefit, it will be much cheaper!

2. Citrus juices

citrus juices for acne scar treatment

If the biggest thing you are looking for in an acne scar treatment is something that will lessen the color of your scarring, you do not need chemical-laden topical creams. Instead, some lemon or lime juice may be all you need!

Thanks to the alpha-hydroxy acids found in citrus fruits, you can use some fresh produce to clear up your redness and irritation. In fact, alpha-hydroxy acids are the same things you spend a fortune on at the drugstore or at the doctor’s office. You are much better off heading to your local fruit stand instead!

3. Baking soda

baking powder for acne scar treatment

If you’ve got raised acne scars, a little exfoliation can go a long way! By scrubbing off the old skin cells and setting your skin’s natural defenses into motion, you will wind up with a fresh layer of skin that – over time – won’t include your scars.

But instead of using harsh exfoliators that might only make your skin irritation worse, opt for baking soda. Mix one tablespoon of it with one tablespoon of water, and gently massage it into your skin for a couple of minutes. You can do this up to three times per week – any more than that will only agitate your skin.

As an added benefit, the baking soda will soften your scar tissue over time, which will make it less noticeable. It will also get rid of any redness and irritation that are making it stick out more.

4. Tomatoes

tomatoes for acne scar treatment

They are not just for spaghetti sauce! Tomatoes are high in Vitamin A (the same thing that is found in Retin-A, a popular acne medication). Vitamin A has been proven to promote skin cell turnover – or, in more basic terms, to get rid of old skin cells and grow new ones.

So, by mashing up a tomato and using the pulp as a skin mask, you can help encourage your face to grow a new, fresh layer of skin that does not involve any scars!

5. Water

water for acne scar treatment

Great skin starts from the inside. If you want your acne scars to fade, you’ve got to have hydrated skin – so be sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water every day!

Among its many other benefits, staying hydrated will help your circulation. And, the more blood you can get flowing to your face, the more prepared it will be to start healing.

Any natural acne scar treatment will take longer to work than its harsher counterparts, but in the meantime, your skin will feel much better!

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